Does Your Business Need a Cloud-based App?

Cloud computing is a growing trend today, and it is where all modern businesses are headed. Cloud computing is a form of safe data storage where you can save all your important data on a virtual or actual server on the internet. You can share the information stored among the people who need to use it, and access it from anywhere, making it a go-to solution for businesses.

You can choose to use existing cloud-based apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and OneDrive. All these offer free storage up to a certain GB. You can also contact a top digital agency firm like Techtiq solutions to help you develop customized cloud storage for your business.

Why a cloud-based app is a must for your business

Ability to store a large amount of data

If you are overwhelmed with the amount of data you have to store for your business, keep away from the traditional hard disks drives, flash disks, and compact disks, and start using cloud computing.

You can access your data from anywhere

How convenient? With an internet connection, you will find your data stored safely on your cloud app. Cloud storage is very convenient especially for companies which have several branches, and they need to share data.

With cloud computing, people can work on the same document simultaneously while they are in different places. Cloud automatically synchronizes any changes made across various devices, which speeds up businesses processes.

Cloud computing is an excellent way to back-up all your data

All your backed up data is safe in the clouds. With cloud computing, your data will always be safe, and you can recover data lost when you open the cloud-based app.

Your data is more secure

Cloud-based apps come with security protocols that ensure safety for your data and only authorized access to the information stored in your cloud app.

You can say goodbye to sending files via email

Instead of uploading files on email, you can send your recipient a link to the document via email.

Cloud-based apps can work offline, partially

You can store your data on the cloud when you are offline. When an internet connection is restored, cloud-based apps synch automatically in the background.

The downside of cloud-based apps

You need to have an internet connection

You need to have an internet connection to access stored data if you are on another end.

It is costly when using an existing cloud storage service

If you are using an existing cloud storage provider, exceeding their required free bandwidth for storage can be very costly especially when your business has a lot of data that still needs to be stored.

You can lose the original location of a document

If you move a document or drag and drop it to the cloud storage, you will permanently change the original document’s location. To retain a copy of a document in the original location, it is better to copy and paste it.

Ultimately, building a cloud-based app can save you the high costs of using already existing ones and offer you better security for all your information.

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