Faster Home Cleaning Tips

If you have to clean your home, you may be thinking that it will take a whole day and exhaust you completely. And no matter how much you don’t want to do it, you still do need to clean your home.

And it doesn’t really have to be so exhausting and time-consuming, if you know what you’re doing. That’s why we sought some cleaning tips from a home cleaning company Castle Keepers of Charleston. They were a great help and shared some of their favorite ways of speeding up the cleaning process while not sacrificing quality.

Don’t Go Room by Room, Go Task by Task

We’re instinctively drawn to complete cleaning one room before heading out to clean the next one. However, that might not be the best and most economical way of doing it. Instead, focus on completing different cleaning tasks across the house.

For instance, if you’re cleaning windows, go through the whole house and clean all of the windows. This way, you will save plenty of time and some cleaning supplies. You won’t have to switch between different cleaning equipment, and cleaning products as you move from room to room. Doing them all in one uninterrupted run ensures that all of your windows are clean, you’ve used less window cleaner and you’ve probably done it much faster.

The same thing applies to dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and pretty much every task that needs to be done in all rooms.

Kitchen Cleaning Tips

When it comes to kitchens, your best bet is to start small. Declutter the countertops of everything – and I mean everything. That includes not just the cooking supplies and utensils, but also smaller appliances, such as the toaster or the microwave.

This way, you will have full access to clean the countertops in one go. The same applies to your cabinets. Just make sure to go top down – so clean the tops of cabinets first, and work your way down to the floor. Gravity will push the dirt down, so if you work your way down, you will only have to clean everything once.

Fridge Cleaning

When’s the last time you cleaned out your fridge. If it’s been more than half a year, chances are that there are some expired foods in there that should be removed. And if there are any spills, from condiments or beverages, cleaning your fridge becomes a necessity.

Sadly, there are no clever tricks for cleaning the fridge, you need to take everything out, sort it and clean the fridge with a non-scratch sponge or cloth and some rubbing alcohol or mild detergent. Then put everything back in the fridge, sans the expired foods.

Toilet Cleaning

Probably the most unpleasant and demanding parts of house cleaning is making sure that your toilet is clean, fresh and up to your standards. But, if you follow the instructions on the toilet cleaning products, you will find that it can be fairly easy.

Most toilet cleaners are just applied to the bowl, left to sit for a while and then washed off. And it does work amazingly well. In the meantime, you can wash the mirrors and other glass surfaces in your bathroom.

The simplest way to get the water stains out of the mirror and not to smudge it is to use rubbing alcohol to wash it. It works amazingly well, and it can also be used to wash windows and your shower (if it has glass panels).

House cleaning can be a bit tiring and is perhaps not the most entertaining chore in the world. However, with a bit of music, some positive attitude and a few tricks up your sleeve, you can knock it out of the park quickly.

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