Five Tips to Know Before Trading In Your Phone

Do you want to buy the new iPhone and waiting to offload it for a new one, and then the next step is what to do with old one. You can get some cash through iPhone Trade in Program. No matter how is your smartphone’s condition you can still get some amount through because used handsets are often refurbished and stripped for its parts.

Here are 5 tips that will you in Trade-in program: 

  • How much can you expect?

Obviously, the amount of cashback varies according to phone and models, also it essential considers the condition and function requirements of the device. You can get a good amount of money through trade-in programs if

  1. The condition of the phone is good.
  2. If you have the newest models of popular brands like iPhone and Samsung.
  3. Sold to the trusted buyer

Shop for Best Place to Sell

You can really get a good amount of money by directly selling to the buyers on websites like eBay, but it really requires more time and hassle. You need to find out your original packaging and accessories that you received with the phone so that you can get a good return. But you can also sell your phone by trade-in programs easily free on a few websites. They also produce you a free quote according to the phone status and model.

  • Know the payment methods

Before selling your phone to trade in programs, make sure to verify the payment methods and policies. Are you getting the payment in the form of cash, or credit or gift cards? When you sell the product online to the clients, sometimes you have to wait for the product to get shipped and inspected then you will get paid. It’s better to know the payment policies and methods before trading your Smartphone.

  • Read the fine print

Read all the details of retailer or vendor and don’t forget to reset your smartphone to its default state. Back up all your photos, videos, and Documents from the phone. Remove all the locks and account before selling your phone.

  • Sell it to online sales and trade-ins

There are many trusted trade-in programs for selling your old devices. Do some research before deciding the buyer and trade in program and check carefully all the details, so that you don’t get your product back even if something wrong occurs after you sell it.

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