Green Tax on Vehicles in Madhya Pradesh

The state government of MP has been taking several initiatives to improve road safety and management. Earlier the challan rates were increased in Madhya Pradesh for better implementation of traffic rules. To pay the MP traffic police challan online, you can log in to the traffic police official website of the state. Recently, another great measure has been taken by the government which is the introduction of the green tax in various states including Madhya Pradesh.

Green tax is also known as environment or pollution tax and is levied on those vehicles that may be key contributors to environmental pollution. The government has imposed Green Tax on commercial vehicles that are over 8 years old and on personal vehicles that have been used for more than 15 years. Older vehicles are continually increasing the level of pollution as they emit gases that are harmful to the environment. Hence, a green tax has been added to the taxes to keep a check on the pollution levels.

The vehicle owners are required to submit a certain amount of tax if they are using the old vehicles as “Green tax”. The exact tax amount imposed on old vehicles varies from one state to another and also depends on the vehicle category. Besides old vehicles, heavy vehicles carrying goods from one place to another also raise the smoke levels in the air. Green tax is primarily imposed with an aim to inspire the citizens to switch to cleaner vehicles or less polluting vehicles. Hence, the introduction of the green tax on both commercial and personal vehicles by the government of India can be regarded as a great initiative to regulate pollution levels.

It is proposed to charge more green tax for vehicles that are registered in highly polluted cities. Green tax is only imposed on petrol and diesel-based vehicles as of now. EVs and vehicles running on CNG are not required to pay for the green tax. Moreover, the government has planned to use revenue collected from green tax to arrange facilities that can keep a tab on the emissions from older vehicles.

Commercial vehicles more than 8 years old are liable to submit the ‘Green tax’ during the time of renewal of the fitness certificate. Commercial vehicles will be charged at the rate of 10 to 25% of the road tax. Vehicles meant for personal use are required to submit green tax at the time of renewal of registration certification after 15 years. The green tax for personal vehicles can go as high as 50% of the road tax, particularly in polluted cities.

The green tax in general varies from one state to another. It is submitted by the vehicle owner to the local RTO offices. If you live in Madhya Pradesh, you can submit the green tax to the RTO in MP. You can go through the RTO offices list Madhya Pradesh (MP) online to check the address or helpline numbers. Some states also offer the facility of submission of green tax online through their official web portal. You can also pay your green tax online for MP from the Vahan portal.

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