Myths about Press Releases

The role of modern Press Releases continues to change and evolve in today’s digital marketing. Unfortunately, the pace of that evolution has led to a number of popular myths about the effectiveness of Press Releases. A Press Release that is hurriedly assembled without proper research will not yield the desired result.

Many businesses can benefit from well-written Press Releases and have the potential of attracting the attention of their clients. Owing to the evolution of Press Releases, what worked in the past will hardly work these days. Below are five myths people harbor about Press Releases that are not true.

  • Press Releases Will Not Be Published

Previously when Press Releases are written, they are given to journalists to determine if the Press Releases are newsworthy. The internet has made it easy for you to spread the word about your business. For starters, you can write a Press Release, or hire someone to write it for you, and sign up for press release submission sites.

A number of these sites publish your Press Releases and submit them to news outlets and allow them to outbound links, which can boost your SEO ranking. 

  • Press Releases Are For Big Companies

This is another myth that is not true. Even if your business is working with a very limited budget, there are affordable press releases services out there, such as the Web 20 Ranker press service. In order to choose the best free Press Release site, ensure you profile their page rank to make sure that you are submitting the PRs to those with a score of at least 4. Though free press release sites do will not help in the distribution of the Press Release.

  • Press Release Distribution Are A Last-ditch Effort

Press Release services can help yield huge results and outcome depending on the size of your Press Release work. Getting it them published is also not the end of the work, you can still increase its benefits.

You can do this by scheduling social media updates. You can also publish a company blog post detailing the key components of the Release. Using social media and Google alert, you can now monitor relevant new story and distribution.

  • No One Will Read The Press Release

To further increase people’s attention, ensure you incorporate images, videos, and other forms of media into the press release. An advice for you is that you use branded graphics when incorporating media into your Press Release.

You can also create a link for relevant case studies, infographics, etc. Multimedia visuals are a few criteria that help your Press Release gather more attention. 

  • My Story Is Not Newsworthy

If you don’t have a story about your business, then consider tying media pitch to popular news to generate coverage and attention for your business. If you lack the skill to write a good Press Release, you can hire a professional to help you craft a news story that will sell.

If you’re in search of professionals to write affordable Press Releases for you, we are just a call away.

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