Picking Your Beginner Golfing Gear

Golf is one of the most popular pastimes, not to mention a very lucrative and interesting sport. If you’re looking for a great activity that combines plenty of exercises, being outdoors and a hefty amount of skill, perhaps golf is a good choice for you.

But do you know where to start? Golf equipment designers at Bombetch Golf share some insights into what equipment to pick for the best start.

Is More Expensive Always Better?

Even though this might be true in certain situations, just because a club is made by a big brand doesn’t inherently make it the best option for you. In fact, some of the best clubs for beginners are made by smaller manufacturers who focus much more on this niche.

Certainly, a higher price may indicate that more advanced or quality materials have been used in the manufacturing of the club, but don’t be seduced by the allure of a recognizable badge. Read some reviews online, as those might give you an indication that the brand is overhyped.

How Many Clubs Do You Need?

As a beginner, you probably don’t want, and shouldn’t, spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on clubs – after all, you don’t even know if you will be into the sport for too long. Instead, buy a basic set of clubs.

Most experts will agree that you can start with just a three-club set. That’s your standard putter, driver, and sand wedge. Those three should give you the basic experience of golfing, and you can always expand your collection as you play and discover what clubs suit you better and which style you gravitate towards.

Check Customer Reviews

Golf is not the cheapest of sports – and more expensive than most. It is, however, very enjoyable and popular. The price tags on certain items related to golf can be quite prohibitive for many people. That’s why you want to make sure that the clubs you end up buying suit you.

If you’re buying (or thinking of buying) clubs in a big sports goods store, you can take advantage of a staple of the American shopping experience – ask to try out the club first. In most cases, the salesperson will have some idea about the items they are selling and may be able to help you choose. Once you try out the club, you should have a better idea of which types of clubs suit you and which ones you should steer clear of.

If you are looking to buy clubs from a more exclusive supplier, check the reviews of other golf aficionados. That should tell you all you need to know.

Pick Clubs Specifically Geared towards Beginners

Pro athletes tend to have very strict and specific requirements from their clubs. Beginners, such as yourself, may not be able to take advantage of those features that make those clubs so effective in the hands of a professional athlete.

Fortunately, there are clubs specifically made for beginners. These are much more forgiving towards certain beginner mistakes concerning the strength, angle and precision of your game. Once you master the basics, you can move away from those ‘training wheels’, and start learning the proper ways to utilize each club’s specific advantages.

Does Your Choice of Golf Balls Make a Difference?

Most non-golfers probably couldn’t tell you the difference between various kinds of golf balls, but those differences exist and may impact your game. That being said, as a beginner, chances are that you will not immediately see the difference, either.

That means that an amateur beginner can get by with just about any type of golf balls, making the price the deciding factor. At first, you will probably lose one or two sleeves of balls, which means that you might want to start with the cheaper ones and work your way towards more expensive ones as you learn to control your game better and start losing fewer balls.

Starting a new hobby like golf can be like stepping into a whole new world. Just make sure you take one step at a time and make the best decisions for the part of the journey you are at.


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