The Best Dedicated Servers in UK for Your Company

You own a private company and have been hosting your company’s data in shared server access, and you are tired of the snail speeds due to limited bandwidth. There is an answer to your problem. Dedicated servers have come to rescue you from the slow speeds and take you to a better place where you will have your mouth open because amazing speeds and you will say, the old days were terrible thanks to the modern days. For a clear explanation, a dedicated server is one that you are the only one using the server given, unlike shared server where you have to share the bandwidth because of the equal access provided to all the people who subscribed to it. Here are some of the best-dedicated servers for you:

  1. Ezee Hosting

This company is one of the best providers of  dedicated servers in  UK that provide the latest SSD technology, DDoS protection, cPanel migrations and provide optimized WordPress hosting. This site became one of the fastest servers in the world today and based in the UK, the hub of invention and quality. With SLA, it is the most reliable server across the European continent regarding uptime with minimalistic imperfections. Data backups are also one of the key features that make this site one of the most appropriate for any size of the company that will like to have their dedicated server. For detailed information, visit their website.  

  1. iPage

While making your entry to the internet, you may have heard of this site because probably you were looking for a website that provides some of the cheapest web hosting. iPage was perhaps one of those sites you found in your search and in addition to the shared hosting they also offer dedicated hosting for the period you leased the server. This site is the best option if your company is growing and you have not made enough money to lease a more advanced server or may not even require so many advanced features because of the magnitude of your tasks.                                                                                                .

  1. Liquid Web

This name is familiar to you, right? It is probably a yes. This website is one of the best sites to lease a dedicated with robust features including SSD disks, Customization capabilities, Backups, Sonar Monitoring and Auto Migrations. In addition to the migrations capabilities, they also provide new domain names, and their storage spaces are fantastic, with up to 2000 GB.

Liquid web offers the best option for a huge company that has more data to keep and that requires a stronger security level to safeguard their data online.                                      .

  1. InMotion

This name is also big enough to be recognized by any internet tech who has ever wandered the web looking for a better place to host their site. It is robust with cPanel, SSD, Easy Installation and No-Reboot kernel updates. Of course, none likes when a server restarts especially with a slow OS that will keep you waiting for hours before it breathes again. Storage space is the largest one will likely want to gain access to with their extensive data to avoid scattering them over the internet to other cloud storage providers.

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