Various benefits of marketing in real estate

How is Digital Marketing assisting real estate?

Investors indeed make the final decision after monitoring the property physically, but the online process also influences their behavior directly or indirectly. According to many growth hacking agencies like Voxturr and Ladder, home buyers nowadays would use the internet as a part of their home search. Those who are taking the help of agents to select a property would also make use of the internet to complement their home search in the future and are currently doing so to get better options.

Taking The real estate business online assists a business in being visible to the prospective customers and where they are. Digital marketing for real estate could help these prospects with a virtual tour of the property before taking them for a visit which can help them to make an informed decision. Digital marketing saves a lot of time which the business can otherwise invest in paperwork by organizing all the formalities on the online portal. Real estate agents have adapted to technological advancements and most of them would have social media profiles to promote themselves and their business with the help of growth hacking agencies.

  • Benefits of Digital Marketing for Real Estate

– Digital marketing is providing real estate businesses with better exposure. With the help of digital marketing, realtors are getting exposed to a wider audience that suits their business. Depending on various factors affecting their business like the cost of the property, its size, geographical location, etc, realtors can look out for the desired audience group online through growth hacking agencies who might not be able to get in touch with the business in the absence of the agent.

– Digital marketing is a cost-friendly approach. Getting the real estate business online doesn’t cost anything else as it is an economic affair. The means of getting publicity and advertising are comparatively cheaper than the traditional means.

– Digital marketing for real estate provides reporting and analysis. The performance of traditional media can’t be tracked but that of digital marketing is very easy to track for businesses. Everything in the digital space is easily trackable. Realtors can get to understand the performance of their digital efforts and make informed decisions regarding that and even optimize.

– Digital marketing provides enhanced customer relationships. With various digital technologies like automated replies in any realtor’s absence, enhanced chatbots, reduced number of paperwork, better transparency of the process, etc., prevailing in the digital space can help the realtors to enhance relationships with their customers. It reduces a considerable amount of time and effort as compared to the offline means as predicted by Voxturr.

  • Strategies used by growth hacking agencies to assist the real estate business

– Growth hacking agencies help real estate businesses to maintain a compelling website. Marketing property online can be extremely difficult without a website as it simply won’t get enough exposure. Many people nowadays engage with a real estate website to scout properties so having a dedicated website is no longer a choice, but an important necessity. They make sure a business’s website includes the latest property listings and community insights. They assist the realtors to include some informative content to keep visitors engaged the moment they land on the website.

– Growth hacking agencies use property portal software to assist the real estate businesses. Another growth hack used for real estate businesses is to start using property portal software. The growth hacking agencies incorporate a business’s property listings to major real estate portals to get a powerful boost for SEO and become a lucrative lead source.

– Growth hacking agencies automate a real estate business’s CRM. Customer relationship management targeted at the real estate business will enhance the team’s efficiency in managing contacts, the listed properties, advertisement campaigns, money transactions, and many more aspects. Growth hacking agencies have made sure that the sources are communicated in a way that they should by adopting source-specific automation plans as well as the personalized email templates. It has been observed that the brokerages using CRMs see a high increase in sales productivity per agent.

– Growth hacking agencies help a real estate business to understand the competition around it. They make sure that the real estate business is in tune with what’s going on in the digital marketing space by using certain tools. They assist the businesses to know the competition’s online strategy, the sites that they are mentioned on, and the portals they feed their listings to. Such things are good and help a business to know and compare the results of the competitors with their results. This will give the real estate business a glimpse of what is likely to work the best and untap the marketing channels their competitors aren’t using as then that business can be the first to benefit from it.

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