Cameras – The New Dimension for the Safety of Car Owners

It is too early when there was an undeclared rivalry among the global automobile manufacturers for scattering a maximum number of cup holders in the interior of the vehicle. But now within a leap of few years, the level of competition has switched to the safety of the driver as well as the co-passengers in the car.

High-end cameras in this context have become one of the most essential elements in the present car manufacturing industry that sets new dimension for the safety of the passengers. Camera technology offering view behind the vehicle has become obsolete. As of now, the trend is looking forward to have multiple cameras that offer enlarged fields of view.

The New Design

Available with the latest 7 series of BMW, Valeo multicamera system houses 3-5 cameras, of course depending on the version and displaying the panoramic view. The best thing is that precise distances can be easily indicated with the help of lines on the image. And it seems like an alarm whenever the vehicle closes in a hidden object during its movement.

Other car makers are making extensive use of the technology like bird’s eye camera view, 360-degree-view just to make the parking purpose safe. With the course of time, the technologies are more likely to advance and safety features in the car will have a complete new definition.

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