Go Paperless To Save Time And Effort

Most large and small fleet managers consider paperless login and think it to be a matter of huge investment. Truckers dwell under the misconception that a separate and elaborate IT set up is required to reap the benefits of the lucid automobile tracking system.

Any wireless device or even an android phone may be substituted for electronic logging devices as long as the electronic device matches the technical needs and is registered and certified with the FMCSA.

The best ELD for owner operators  protect the interests of the ELD compliers and their vehicles. Users are authorized on the website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA using the paperless login in order to understand and consent to the terms of the policy. This is beneficial for both the fleet managers and the truckers. On one hand it enable a driver of commercial vehicle to record his/her hours of service or HOS efficiently and accurately in a simple manner, while on the other it ensures transparency between the truck owners and the drivers.

Electronic driver logs for truckers are an out and out paperless log that helps to keep complete track of driving log.

ELD Mandate connects users with their firm to provide compliance and knowledge about driver’s hours of service.

The electronic logging device was created as an alternative to the paper based logs of the former times. It is capable of tracking the status of the vehicle in real-time and is also able to provide complete security to goods carried by the respective driver.

Equipped with Bluetooth to share reports instantly, the electronic logging device comes with an advanced operating system. The gadget is extremely easy to install and maintain and is ideal for a wide range of commercial vehicles seeking ELD compliance.

The Benefits of the ELD Mandate:

  • Almost all high quality electronic logging devices guarantees compliance and offers product server support for basic vehicle and driver set up while maintaining reports of each vehicle and driver.
  • These devices are equipped with Bluetooth to share reports instantly.
  • The ELD software is easy to install and is user friendly.
  • These devices are compatible for a wide range of commercial vehicles.
  • As soon as there is any sort of violation possibility, the system or the device will automatically alert the respective manager and the driver. Thus enhancing security.
  • The vehicle can be tracked live with updated electronic logging device, while on the move.
  • With the ELD the drivers can log in and choose the option of On-Duty, Off-Duty or Not Driving and On-Duty during their hours of service.
  • Perform audit procedures in a secure manner
  • The device should be capable of providing information that can be addressed for enforcement of traffic laws as per the Government.
  • It should be characterised with flawless and easy connectivity with the user’s smartphone or any other mobile devices for easy access.
  • Lastly, the devices should be affordable.

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