The Future Of Keyhole Heart Surgery: Innovations And Advancements In Technology

We are living in an advanced era where there are a variety of solutions available to pick from. Going with AI, augmented reality and virtual reality and other scientists are developing a new age technology to assist cardiac surgeons in the context of planning and preparing for complex keyhole heart valve surgery. It would be preventing converting a keyhole heart valve operation to open-heart surgery.

Robotic Cardiothoracic Surgery

Robotic cardiac surgery is heart surgery accomplished through quite small cuts in the chest. Going with the use of tiny instruments as well as robot-controlled tools, ideal surgeons can easily operate in a way which is indeed quite less invasive in comparison to conventional open-heart surgery.

Doing traditional cardiothoracic surgery needs larger incisions since we require going with our hands in the chest to have the structure we need operating on. The most important thing is that one of the benefits of robotic surgery is the precise movements of our hands can truly be translated to instruments which are quite smaller and less invasive to the body. These instruments have all the degrees of freedom which our hands have and can do all sorts of same movements.

Robotic surgeries can truly be utilized in different heart-oriented procedures, including valve surgery, cardiac tissue ablation, coronary artery bypass, tumour removal and heart defect repair.

Advantages To Patients

Robotic-oriented surgery at London Heart Clinic enables surgeons to do highly precise operations less invasively in comparison to cardiothoracic surgery. The most important thing is that traditional “open” heart surgery typically needs the chest to open at the breastbone.

The robotic-assisted option introduces a variety of potential advantages including –

  •       Less pain
  •       Less blood loss
  •       To short hospital stays
  •       The quick recovery time as well as return to normal activities indeed
  •       To mitigate the risk of infection
  •       To mitigate scarring

The most important thing is that a quick recovery schedule as well as scaring imparts incredible value for patients indeed. Doctors also say that it is the procedure to introduce the patients to another option which is quite less invasive.

Cardiothoracic Surgery And Future

Robotic systems in medicine are indeed quite new; advances are developing quickly and shaping the surgery future. The most important thing is that new, innovative and computerized technologies which are in their early stages will impart extra assistance to surgeons. This process is going to continue to be highly enhanced having artificial intelligence and they are definitely in an era of surgery which is quite exciting. The technology at London Heart Clinic will allow surgeons to go with robotics in highly complex surgeries and continue to be able to impart patient additional advantages.


Robotics comes up with the potential in the context of enabling the surgeon to cater possibly superior care to the patient.

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