Mentoring platform: A Reliable guide to boast your skills

Did you set any career-related resolutions for the new year? Are you determined to advance professionally in 2023 and establish your career? If so, think about mentoring platforms, a not so used yet very effective professional growth tool. The mentoring platforms, whether you are the mentor or the mentee, can advance your career to new heights. Since January is National Mentoring Month, this is also the ideal time to discover the advantages of mentoring platforms for your career. Learn all there is to know about picking the top mentoring platforms for 2023 in this article. With AskMe, find the ideal mentor for your personal and professional development. For more information, keep reading!

Mentoring Platforms- Explanation and Importance

Regarding conventional, real-world mentorships, you may only sometimes be fortunate to locate a businessperson prepared to help you for the long haul. Finding someone to invest in you is really difficult. Now, that gap has been closed by online mentoring platforms. Online mentoring platforms’ main job is to pair aspiring business owners, employees, and other novices with seasoned mentors who have already done it. Thousands of mentees can locate the ideal mentors for their growth needs using an advanced mentor-matching algorithm.

What do the Data say for Mentoring Platforms For the Mentee?

  • Boost Your Chances for Professional Growth: People who participate in mentorship programs get promoted five times more frequently than those who don’t. You become less prone to errors as a result. You gain the respect of superiors, and even as an amateur, you possess the knowledge of an experienced professional, which helps you succeed more quickly.
  • You’re More Likely to Achieve Set Objectives: If you write down your goals, you’re 40% more likely to achieve them, and if you share those goals with a mentor who holds you accountable, that likelihood rises to 70%.
  • Create a long-lasting company with a lower risk of failure: The majority of small businesses that receive guidance and mentoring survive for five years or more, twice as many as business owners who do not receive mentoring.

Four Factors to Consider in Mentoring Platforms

You undoubtedly want to know what makes mentoring platforms successful. After all, knowing what makes the mentoring program fantastic is necessary to pick which one is best. So, the following four factors you should consider while choosing the best mentoring platform.

Participant Profiles in Depth

Occasionally, profiling has a poor rap due to how “boring” it is. However, a complete profile creates a strong digital identity, which aids in mentor matching. Including demographic details, while registering on a mentoring platform is crucial. Integrated record-keeping systems that provide pre-filled information to speed up the profiling process are very convenient.

An effective mentor-matching system

The selection of a mentor and mentee is not a guess. A mentoring platform with plenty of value will have a suitable matching mechanism that reads user profiles and makes suggestions. A well-run mentoring platform uses more than one matching system as well. Instead, it is flexible and prepared for various user preferences. That necessitates incorporating self-directed techniques (mentee searches for mentor), administrative (organization assigns mentor who is a good fit for mentee), and automated (matching algorithm based on filters and criteria).

Tools for Collaboration that Promote Relationships

Finding the perfect mentor for an eager mentee is half the battle won. Successful mentoring platforms should promote and facilitate post-match communication as well. For that reason, mentoring platforms must have collaboration tools. To ensure maximum involvement and development, ensure the mentoring platform enables mentees and mentors to send messages, share links, ask/answer questions and documents, plan events, and even assign learning exercises. For users to review previous lectures and talks to jog their memories and save notes, it is advantageous if everything is documented with an easily accessible history tab.

Continuous Growth Reporting and Monitoring

The goal of mentoring is growth. Unlike in-person mentoring relationships, accountability is simpler to track online because of referrable displays and graphs. Utilizing integrated systems with monitoring capabilities for performance management, program coordinators, mentors, and mentees can strengthen successful mentoring practices, create inclusion strategies to increase mentor engagement, and use data to propel program success.

Are you trying to find the best mentoring platform?

You are not alone, and we can guarantee you that. AskMe is the best resource for you to obtain knowledge, skills, and expertise from world-class professionals. AskMe is a mentorship platform and a significant part of a growing industry that offers many advantages. It gives you access to a selected network of world-class specialists to expand your personal and professional horizons. You should take into account the following factors when selecting AskMe as your mentoring platform:

  • Direct access to a concentrated group of remarkable, highly sought-after mentors, including bestselling authors, entrepreneurs, keynote speakers, professionals of the highest caliber, and specialists.
  • Having access to thousands of Experts / Mentors from our global database of experts, and being able to search for, find, and directly communicate with any of them on a single platform.
  • The AskMe platform also has a rating element, allowing users and mentees to choose based on the reviews and ratings of other mentees.
  • It is simpler and more convenient for mentors and mentees thanks to reasonably priced 20-minute bitesize sessions with transparent and indicated charges.
  • AskMe includes built-in video and audio calling, availability, scheduling, booking calendars, and sending and receiving secure payments in one location.
  • There are no upfront subscription or onboarding fees for mentors and mentees. There are no unstated costs. Only the services that mentees book and use require payment.
  • With less than a 15% platform fee, mentors will receive payments for every session they lead.

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