Cost of WiFi at a Conference – In House vs. Outside Provider

So, you have finally scheduled your conference. You have chosen a venue and this time, you are wondering whether the in-house WiFi is enough or you will be better off with an outside provider. There are actually several factors that can affect conference WiFi costs    .

In House WiFi at a Conference

Even though there are a lot of event venues with some form of available WiFi network, the service is usually expensive or sluggish. WiFi provided in event centers is often slow as the result of numerous devices or attendees that are trying to connect online simultaneously. Bandwidth is a very limited source in terms of volume if this is obtained using conventional means. It may also sputter and stop as this tries to keep pace with the demand,

In-house WiFi provided in event venues may also be more expensive and this can take a large chunk of the budget for the event from the host company and worse, attendees might even be charged for access. This can be a very unpleasant upcharge that not all event planners know until the event day comes.

None of these scenarios is positive for cost-conscious planners and the legitimacy of the event might be further compromised if you will charge attendees for WIFi access when they already purchased a ticket. As a result, the attendees may hesitate to come back for another event if they feel like it only costs them more.

Outside Provider of WiFi at a Conference

Temporary WiFi for conference is now available from third party companies. This method can provide attendees the connection they will need to interact with your event and immerse themselves in it. Outside providers of WIFi rental specifically offer it to cater to temporary use for events that need more bandwidth to handle multiple smartphones, laptops, and tablets with no need to break a binary sweat. This is usually cheaper than in-house WIFi because you can choose the service depending on the requirements of your event.

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