Do you know these facts of the vidmate app?

The market these days has no dearth of apps that can pull the video from any platform as almost every app claims this service. However, it is a different story to see how much truth is there in such claims, but many of the users of the smartphone feel it unfair when the concerned app is not able to offer the desired service. This is not about one or two apps on the platform of the play store, but many of them. For those who love to pull videos from various platforms, whether it is uploaded by a particular user or shared, the right link for the same is much necessary. Other than the link, one needs to have a right app that can truly fetch the video.

The vidmate is one such app that one can trust and download to have the videos of his choice. This app is much different than the ordinary apps that one can find on the play store. The biggest truth about this app is it is not available on the play store, although it works perfectly well on an android device. The app is available on its official site, which is known as 9apps.

The app:

Among the best apps for getting the videos from various sites or spots, the name of this app is leading one. The user who wants to have this app on his device needs to download the same from the website 9apps. One needs to check the site where he can find the link given for the download of the app and after clicking the same download of the app starts automatically.

The download and installation:

After clicking the link,the app can be easily downloaded, and installation for the same is also automatic. The only condition here to fulfill is one need to have space that the app needs. However, the app is a compact one and hence does not occupy much of the space on the device. It may take little time to get the app installed, but once the installation is done, one can have the app ready to use instantly. While the app is installed, there may be a message of the unauthorized app being installed and hence probable hazard to the device, which is not that true. The app is not verified by play store, and hence such warning is shown which the user needs to ignore.

After installation, the use of the app can be started immediately. To get the desired video, it is required to have the link of the video first. This link can be availed from the concerned platform of the video. One needs to fix the link to the app at the space provided for the link and click on the button of download. Once the download command is given, the app pulls the video from any platform wherever it is and save the same on the device. Once the app is there on the device, the user can watch the same as and when required.

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