“Modius” Weight Loss Headset – Intriguing technology at MWG 2018

Recently concluded Mobile World Congress in Barcelona might be a center of attraction for the launch of high-end smartphones, applications and even accessories. But the corners of the event hails for something more and it comes in the form of Modius – weight loss headset.

What’s inside?

What if I say that you can suppress your appetite or can also speed up the metabolic rate by wearing a special headset by getting slight shocks behind the ears for an hour in the day? Well, you may find it crazy but Modius has been it happen. The gadget transmits low-power electrical impulses to the vestibular nerve for activating the hypothalamus.

How Does it Work?

The feeling is just like it sounds and the person will start felling tingling sensation through electrodes that are attached to the bony area behind the ears. The sensation gets stronger as soon as the person moves to higher levels. It also let the person to have a feeling of swaying or rocking. The science behind the technology is sound, but its makers have made a clever move by achieving the known effect even without the need of invasive surgery.

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