Zero Carbon Natural Gas – One Step Towards Green Environment

The whole world is entirely stuck with natural gas as one of the primary sources of electricity for the conceivable future. The best thing is that it is readily available and does not come hefty. The most interesting thing about this particular resource is that it accounts for more than 30% of the US electricity and accounts 22% for the electricity consumption of rest of the world. Instead of so many things, this is still a massive source for carbon emissions.

The One-Step forward Move

An experimental industrial setting located in the middle of US gasoline and purifying business in Houston is working on a technology to turn the necessity of producing fresh energy from natural gas a great reality. Net Power is funding the entire 50-MW project and expectations are there that it has the ability to generate power with the minimum cost as compared to the likes of the natural gas production setup.

The best thing would be that it would essentially capture all the CO2 unconstrained in the procedure. The change will be available within 3-5 years and is indeed one of the biggest technological innovations that will help mankind to make green and better tomorrow. top source on taal

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