Saregama Carvaan Mini Gurbani – A Blessing for All Your Occasions

The Sikh Gurus composed paths and bhajans based on the Guru Granth Sahib ji verses, which is known as Gurbani. The word Gurbani is the combination of two words, “Gur” and “bani” meaning the message from the teacher.The Gurbani is importantly sung in the kirtan style and reflect the connection between the divine and the human. Considered by some as the elixir of life and by others as the greatest form of meditation, Gurbani has been the part of the Sikh tradition for more than a hundred years.

For every Sikh Gurbani is a source of inspiration and none of their occasions are complete without them. Whether it is a wedding ceremony, blessings in the family or funeral, morning meditation or worship, listening to Gurbani isa must. Another notable feature of Gurbani is the number of musical instruments used. It ranges from Chimpta, Dholak, Harmonium, Sarangi to Tabla, Tar Shehnai, Dhad and more.

Exclusively for the people of Punjab and followers of Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji, Saregama has rolled out Saregama Carvaan Mini Gurbani. The collection consists of 100 paths and bhajans of Gurus sung by various Sikh Ragis. Now you can bring home the Gurbani playing Bluetooth speaker and make your each day and every holy occasions more blissful.

Today, Gurbani is sung by the Sikh Ragis in 31 different ragas as prescribed in Guru Granth Sahib.

The various Sikh Ragis that constitute the collection of bhajans and paths in Carvaan Mini Gurbani is Bhai Tarlochan Singh Ji, a very devotional Gursikh who has been devoted to Guru for many years. He has been singing for over two decades and some of the popular bhajans include “Japji Sahib”, “Rehras Sahib”, “Ardas” and more.

Another popular artist is Bhai Gopal Singh Ragi, a passionate keertankar. His songs are part of the album called “50 glorious years of Recorded Shabads”. He has sung heart touching paths and bhajans like “Tu Mera Pita”, “Khalsa Mero Roop Hai Khas” and many more.

The other artists in the list are Bhai Sadhu Singh Dehradun Wale, Prof. Darshan Singh Ji Khalsa, etc. The famous contemporary singers also have recorded paths. They are part of this great collection of songs. Satnaam Waheguru – Part 1 from the album “Mere Mann Ke Andh Tamas Mein” is sung by the most famous Ghazal singers of modern times, Jagjit Singh. Shabad Gurbani – “Mittar Pyare Nu” is sung by one of India’s most loved singers of all time, Sonu Nigam.

The Carvaan Mini Gurbani gives you the chance to listen to these spiritual songs anytime and anywhere with its right mix of features.The portable music player comes in Saffron Orange color with a Navo color Khanda on it,offering features like Bluetooth, USB, FM/AM and loudspeakers. Along with pre-loaded 100 paths and bhajans, the Carvaan Mini Gurbani gives users the option to play favorite songs on Mini speaker via Bluetooth. You can plug in the USB drive and listen to the personal collection of hits. Apart from that, the loudspeaker is loud enough to fill your room and lets everyone around enjoy the songs.

In terms of design, the Mini player also has the advantage of being easy to carry and compact, great design with a simplistic interface and 3 modes – Saregama, FM/AM and Bluetooth. The long-lasting battery which is up to 5 hours is also excellent given the collection of hit songs and multiple features.

If you desire to listen to Gurbani as frequently as possible or are planning to go for a pilgrimage to the Golden Temple in Amritsar or other places, Carvaan Mini Gurbani is a treasure. Fill your yatras and life with divine vibes. After all, as most of us believe, Gurbani has the power to transform you as a person. Thus, enhance your Gurbani experience with Saregama Carvaan Mini Gurbani.

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